Saturday, August 29, 2009


All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
Arthur Schopenhauer
Over the past number of years and especially since May when we began the manifesting of COSMIC HOUSE, we have been reading many books, viewing videos and listening to radio programs and pod broadcasts and discussing ideas on everything to do with global warming, energy systems, waste and recyling, water wars, community gardens and growing our own food, the value of material things, sustanibility, spiritual and planetary renewal and lots of other big ideas! Cosmic House has spawned these discussions with troubling as well as exciting ideas. It has been wonderful to work together and to fuel our directions in the physical creation of our little-BIG house, COSMIC HOUSE.
We would like to pass on some suggested books etc for your bedside pile.... and if yours is anything like is a towering pile, a vertical library of great porportion!
Just a few to begin with: PLEASE ADD MORE TO OUR LIST!
It would be great to hear from you and to add your suggestions to the pile!
Omnivore's Dilemna - Micheal Pollen - in fact any book of Michael Pollen.
Abundance and Depletion - Life on the New Home Front - Sharon Astyk
Trash -
Poetics of Space - Gaston Bachelard
Smelling Land: The Hydrogen Defense Against Climate Catastophe - David Sanborn Scott (CBC pod cast from Ideas as well)
David writes in his Preface to the book,
"Smelling Land also touches on the energy systems of life and of Earth. It's intended for poets historians, legistlators and industrailists every bit as m uch as for engineers and physicists. "
COSMIC HOUSE is about thresholds, doorways, portals, - points in time and space where we currently find ourselves and looking beyond the now into what may be in the future. As we build our house, it speaks to us about transformation and renewal and the hope and hard work which lies ahead.
Please add to our list of books and ideas as these thought manifestations in the end, will aid all of us in beginning to turn the tide on the continued old industrial way of thinking and doing... ...we are as much responsible for all of this as are our neighbours, so let intention and action be our guide in making the best choices for the future.
Now enough of words and back to our sewing and felting needles!

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