Thursday, December 10, 2009

Morning Light at Studio2

A favourite time of day at Studio2 was first thing in the morning when the sunlight was drenching the east-facing row of windows and offering up shadow-play and glow-effects on whatever elements of Cosmic House we had left the night before when hunger or weariness or yoga class had forced us to leave the process for another day
Here is a brief photo-essay of Morning Light at Studio2

ReVisiting the Building of Cosmic House

Archive Photos of the Process I - Applying the Sculptural Elements to the Portal Opening This continues what felt like an entire month working on hands and knees. 'Molding' the felts into the archway of the portal. A very satisfying process. Above: Left portal begins Left: An eye peers mysteriously from piles of wool Morning Illumination: the early morning sun shines through the Green Man in-process. He greets us each morning when we enter the studio; glowing like an otherworldly diety; meeting us with his wise gaze.