Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Felting BIG!

A week and a half of hot soapy water, pounding, rolling, rubbing, slapping, kneading, throwing and singing... and you too can have buff biceps and red chapped hands!
Thunder thighs! Using thighs and feet when the arms get tired.
Roll on Kate, Roll on!
Heaving and folding and heavy with water....we man-handle, manipulate and stimulate the wool felt encased in its nylon screen coat.
Sweet envelope of nylon screen!
Oh my! it is BIG! BIG!
Kate is rubbing and throwing! hmmmmmmmmmmmmm curiously interesting, don't you think?
Butt, sooooooon we will be done!
Ahhh ! Some people pose with dead moose, but we have conquered the transmogrified sheep pelt!
Exhausted but "It FELT good!"
Fulling (hardening) the cloths on the deck at Maggie's Studio
Kneading the cloth....." just like making bread!"
Rinsing when all is done!
Ahhhhhh almost there!
Nine twelve foot by 8 foot felted cloths! Happy are we!
Aren't they beautiful?
hmmmmmm soft!
ouch... yeah for Burt's Bees hand salve!

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